Sometimes it’s fun to be a kid again and do silly things.  The workweek can be stressful so we wanted to create a fun easy idea you can do at home with things you probably already have around the house.  If you don’t have these items you can locate them at a dollar store or Target.

·       Sheet or plastic table cloth (the lighter the better)

·       Clothes pins

·       White twinkly lights

·       Battery operated candles

·       String or wire

·       Damage Free Hanging Hooks (do not get dollar store brand)

You can always create an easy one with a few sheets, chairs and or your living room furniture to create a tent on the ground.  If you would like to be more elaborate, we took damage free hooks and put them on 2 walls with a string across the bedroom.  We then wrapped white lights around the string before draping a sheet over it.  We used clothespins to attach it to pillows on the bed.  You can get creative with this.  Another option is to use plastic tablecloths from a dollar store as they are lighter than sheets and may stay up longer.  You could also go to a fabric store and get some tulle (netting) as this is also super lightweight. 

Happy tenting!